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You're Born With It

Take your first steps towards freedom
from injury and pain

Step towards freedom

The answer lies in your body’s innate ability to move

Who taught you how to walk?

Since childhood, we have all learned conditioned ways of moving that creates tension in the body. Our body has an amazing capacity to adapt and over-compensate when it is not being used correctly, often causing injury and pain over a period of time.

The Walkfeeling programme will guide you to rediscover your innate ability to walk gently and softly, retraining you to walk, sit and stand with ease. By moving without tension old injuries can be relieved and the body becomes conditioned to help prevent any further injury.

If you are already fit and healthy (a regular gym user, runner and walker – or trying to be), changing the way that you walk will help improve your agility, speed and resilience. Exercising in the wrong way or over exercising can actually damage your immediate and long term health.

Walkfeeling is not a technique, it is way of life. It is a pathway to freedom from physical pain…and to realising your body’s innate power.

Find out how Walkfeeling is already changing lives

Tommy's Story

Tommy Olausson has spent the last 17
years dedicated to his own recovery


Tommy’s story

Tommy Olausson has spent the last 17
years dedicated to his own recovery

Walkfeeling is the result of years of learning and dedication

Tommy Olausson has spent the last 17 years dedicated to his own recovery and that of his patients. Having been told he could not be a professional footballer because of his injuries, he went on a quest to find a solution and studied everything that was available in the field of Osteopathy, medicine and postural training.

Frustrated with the lack of long-term solution but refusing to give up, Tommy had a spontaneous insight one day about the destructive nature of the way so many of us walk. He explored and tested his new theory on himself and on many others of all ages and levels of fitness. He started to see immediate and lasting results, and realised he had found something that could tackle the cause of physical pain, rather than just the symptoms.

Believing that no one should have to live with chronic pain, Tommy set up Walkfeeling to provide this revolutionary training for people of all ages. He is now helping people all over the world to not only rid themselves of long-term, chronic pain, but also live a more active, healthy, balanced life. In recent years, Tommy has also been training osteopaths and other medical professionals to teach Walkfeeling, so even more people can benefit.

Tommy’s own athletic ability has improved to such a degree he is currently the third fastest sprinter in Sweden in his age category.

Working with clients

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Working with clients 2
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A Way of Life

Walkfeeling is a way of life, which
means it is for everyone

Discover Walkfeeling

Walkfeeling is a way of life;
people of all ages and abilities can benefit

How important is your next step?

Whatever your personal motivation, this unique approach to walking, which is as simple as it is profound, is already helping many people to:

  • Enjoy more freedom from chronic and repetitive injuries (regardless of how long you have had them)

  • Help to prevent future pain and injury

  • Aid awareness of healthier movement patterns

  • Reduce stress and raise awareness of your body

  • Improve agility, speed and resilience

The coaching team at Walkfeeling works in a bespoke way with each client. We film and analyse each client’s movement patterns to help them see how they currently walk, stand and sit, and understand how this might be creating tension and possible injury in the body.

The training has released an awareness in how I walk. Now this might not seem much of a breakthrough but it had never occurred to me the impact of how I was walking affected my whole body

Stephen Desborough

Let's walk together...



One to one coaching with walkfeeling coaching team. Please contact us for more information.




Most people chose to learn Walkfeeling in a group environment at one of our workshops.  For the full workshop information click below.


I’ve been a professional football player in premier league for Southampton. I have represented Sweden in the world cup. I have seen and experienced a lot in my career, but this is by far the best I have ever come across.

Michael Svensson

The Academy

Places on the Walkfeeling training
academy are highly sought after

Teach Walkfeeling

Join us on our mission to
free people from pain and injury

A new step in your career

Places at the Walkfeeling training academy are limited and highly sought after. We are looking for passionate, highly motivated practitioners, dedicated to sharing our philosophy and ethos with others.



We are looking for three levels of trainers in the UK: those who are medically trained, those with existing practice and people without any formal training who are passionate about joining the Walkfeeling coaching team.




Over a 3-month consecutive period, trainees will attend 11 full days of training at the Walkfeeling Centre in London.




Learning to teach Walkfeeling involves an investment of both time and money. However, the journey is an incredible one and teaching Walking is highly rewarding.



We walk together!

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