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Walkfeeling is a new and unique training that combines natural movement with lifestyle training. At Walkfeeling, we are experts in the process of restoring people’s natural movement patterns that provide the ability to walk with less pain and tension.

There are a number of ways you can personally work with Walkfeeling if you are looking to move towards freedom from pain in your body.

Online personal training

Walk alongside a Walkfeeling coach online as part of our 8 week programme.
During this programme your Walkfeeling coach will establish what your specific needs are and develop a bespoke programme for you.

Together you will discover:

  • How you may be walking incorrectly

  • How to walk correctly so your body can heal from tension and pain

  • How to sit and stand in a correct way

During the programme you will meet your coach for 30 minute sessions. All you need is the ability to speak online to each other through your phone or computer.

Together you will walk towards less pain, less tension and more freedom in your movement.

Since learning about Walkfeeling, I am pretty much free from pain. I walk differently because my old way of walking doesn't make sense to me. And I go out for a walk to enjoy my surroundings and keep myself tension-free almost every day. When physcial crisis occasionally strikes, I can walk myself free from pain again. Unimaginable, but true!

Nikki Dean

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I no longer have problems with my neck, back and knee.

Helen Carver, UK

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