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The Walkfeeling Workshop - 6th January 2018

How To Heal Your Body by Changing How You Walk

Saturday, 6th January


10 am - 5 pm


Venue -  The Swedenborg Society

20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2TH

Come and learn how to deal with the CAUSE rather than the SYMPTOMS.

Give yourself or your clients more freedom from back and neck pain, headaches and other chronic conditions.

About This One Day Workshop

Have you ever wondered if you are walking correctly? And more importantly, is the way you walk damaging your body?


No matter what our movement capacity, the way we move our bodies is critically important.  It is the very foundation of how we live our lives.

If there was a way to improve how you walk that would be beneficial to you in numerous ways, would you be interested in hearing more?

What would you say if you knew there was a way to walk yourself back to happiness and health?

Come to our 1 Day Workshop in London to find out how you can do just that.

You will learn how to:

  • Enjoy more freedom from chronic and repetitive injuries regardless of how long you (or your clients) have had them

  • Improve your own individual mobility, flexibility and agility - unique to you

  • Prevent future pain and injury

  • Lose weight

  • Reduce stress and become more aware of your body

Who is this Workshop For?


This workshop will help you if you are suffering from physical pain such as knee, back or neck pain, arthritis or sciatica.

Also, other injuries that you might have had for many years, you may have even been told that you will never fully recover, or be pain-free again. We do not believe this to be true!

The Walkfeeling programme will retrain you to walk with ease, without suffering and will help prevent any further injury.

This programme will also help you if you are fit and healthy (or trying to be), a regular gym user, runner, and walker. By over-exercising or exercising in the wrong way, it is possible you are actually damaging your immediate and long-term health.

Changing the way you walk will also help improve your agility and running speed.

Health/Wellness/Fitness Professionals

If you work with clients through bodywork or movement therapy then this workshop will be hugely beneficial to both you and your clients.

If you wish to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your body and your movement patterns.

This workshop is perfect for those working in the following areas:


  • Osteopathy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Personal Training

  • Massage

  • Yoga

See what others are saying about Walkfeeling ...

I’ve been a professional football player in premier league for Southampton. I have represented Sweden in the world cup. I have seen and experienced a lot in my career, but this is by far the best I have ever come across.ful.

Michael Svensson - Premier League Footballer

So I started walking differently and within two days (only two!!) the chronic ache was gone. Completely gone!! It has been a little over two months since then, and I truly cannot believe how much better I feel.  I am so grateful.

Denise Hall

AMAZING! But here’s the thing! The proof is in the pudding. I no longer have problems with my neck, back and knee. My body feels really flexible and, even though I recently joined a Zumba class after a year’s absence and nearly had a heart attack in the process, my actual limbs were tip top. Amazing!”  

Helen Carver


Meet the Trainer: Tommy Olausson

Tommy Olausson has spent the last 17 years dedicated to his own recovery and that of his patients. Having been told he could not be a professional footballer because of his injuries, he went on a quest to find a solution and studied everything that was available in the fields of osteopathy, medicine and postural training.

Frustrated with the lack of long-term solution but refusing to give up, he had a spontaneous insight one day about the destructive nature of the way so many of us walk.

He explored and tested his new theory on himself and many others of all ages and levels of fitness, and started seeing immediate, lasting results. He realised he had found something that could deal with the cause of so much physical pain rather than just the symptoms. 

Tommy set up Walkfeeling to provide this revolutionary training for people of all ages, including trainers, osteopaths and other medical professionals. He is now helping people all over the world to not only rid themselves of long-term, chronic pain, but also live a more active, healthy, balanced life.

Tommy’s own athletic ability has improved to such a degree he is currently the third fastest sprinter in Sweden in his age category.

Take your first steps towards freedom from pain and injury


Date: Saturday, 6th January 2018


Time: 10.00 – 17.00


Venue:  The Swedenborg Society

20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2TH

Special Price: £199 £127 

For any further information regarding this seminar,
please contact Katrina by email: [email protected] 

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